Group Runs for 2018

Please join me on Monday February 19th or Sunday April 15th to run the trail race course.  Like other running events this year, these will be a informal self-supported gatherings.  Self-sufficiency is natural for trail runners and we had 1/3 of the field run self-supported (carrying water/food) in last year’s race.   This year runners are also responsible for navigation and group check-ins. 
These will be self-supported runs with 2-4 safety teams composed of runners with comparable pace.  Starts will be staggered from 6 to 7:30 with slower teams first so we can watch out for each other and share more time at Skinny’s together at the end.
Also note that Peter Alter,  race director of 8 Tuff Miles,  is planning an informal self-sufficient run on Saturday Feb 24th. 

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